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Spanish Caviar

Spain is one of the new leaders in innovative farmed caviar production, with delicious caviar and roe options that are a wonderful addition to the caviar lover's repertoire.
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For many people in the world, caviar is synonymous with the Caspian Sea, Russia, vodka and old-world glamour. While that is still true in a sense, there’s also a world of different caviar and roe that can be found in many different countries, with unique flavor profiles, interesting textures, and which make a great addition to your caviar repertoire. One of them is caviar from Spain, a country rich in oceans, rivers and lakes, and a tradition of fine foods that goes back centuries. Spain offers a type of caviar that we love, a pressed roe called Payusnaya caviar. This Russian delicacy, made in Spain, is made of the pressed eggs of the classic sturgeon caviars, those eggs that are damaged or broken during the production of traditional Osetra and Sevruga caviar. While they can’t be sold as proper caviar, the flavor of these eggs is still intact, and in a waste-not-want-not style, have been pressed into a paste that really condenses that wonderful caviar flavor. You can use Spanish Payunasa caviar to finish dishes, like tossed into pasta or mashed potatoes, or even risotto. We also adore it spread chunkily over a thick piece of bread. Spanish aquafarms have also been producing fabulous caviar and roe in sustainable farm operations that deliver a fresh, pure caviar, richly flavored and as delicious and high quality as the best Russian or Iranian varieties. Caviar Riofrio from Spain is certified by the Andalusian Organic Farming Committee, and is the world’s first caviar to be certified ecological. Buy Spanish caviar online at Gourmet Food Store and we'll always ship your caviar in specially designed packaging that's packed with ice in order to maintain temperature during transit. Send Spanish caviar as part as a Spanish gourmet gift basket, a present that will transport them to Spain.

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