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Apple Vinegar

Apple Vinegar

from United States by Iio Jozo
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Apple Vinegar

One of the most delicate vinegars Iio Jozo produces, their apple vinegar is truly a thing of beauty. Perfectly balanced, it boasts a delicious mellow flavor profile. Like an incredibly refined cider, the sweet notes of apples are readily apparent, then a moment later, a tart flavor steals over the taste buds, reminding you that it’s so much more than just juice. Try this sensational apple vinegar today and brighten all your dishes with its singularly delightful flavor. Ideal for vinaigrettes, marinades, cocktails, and more, almost anything can be improved by the taste of Iio Jozo’s apple vinegar!

Vinegar is arguably one of the most important elements of traditional Japanese cooking. A key ingredient featured in everything from fish and rice to popular drinks, you can’t look through a Japanese menu without noticing the importance of vinegar. And Iio Jozo is considered Japan's top vinegar brewery. Family-owned and operated for over 123 years, Iio Jozo is as much an institution of Japanese culture as it is a vinegar producer. Located on the sea of Japan near the town of Miyazu in Kyoto prefecture, they produce some of the finest vinegar in the country. Using traditional production methods and high-quality local ingredients, the entire process is carefully controlled, from start to finish.

While producers of generic rice vinegar take only a day to produce an entire batch of their product, Iio Jozo takes 100 days just to ferment their house-made sake into vinegar and another eight months of aging to produce the well-rounded and nuanced condiment that’s ready to sell. In total taking close to a year to create a single batch, the effort and quality are readily apparent with your first taste. To create their luxurious apple vinegar, Iio Jozo begins by making a fruit-based sake which is then fermented using their traditional slow aging techniques. Instead of using sugar or MSG to adjust flavors and brew their vinegar quickly, they rely solely on traditional fermentation to ensure the mellow, rich flavor that’s earned them world-wide attention and notoriety.

Ingredients: apple
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