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Join's Affiliate Program FAQs

Our Affiliate Program is an amazing and totally free opportunity for you to earn money simply by placing a button, text link or banner link to an of our four stores,,, and from your website, App or social media account. It's easy: when visitors click on our link and buy any product from any of our four stores, you automatically make a commission! Sign up today

  • How are your stores different? arrow
  • is the place on the web to shop for delicious and high quality gourmet food gifts and specialty items like caviar, foie gras, smoked salmon, truffles, cheese, and many more specialty products.

    Baker, chef, cheese aficionado? is the ingredient hot spot for chefs and bakers and international food lovers. You'll find all the top quality ingredients like baking chocolates, spices, specialty meats, and over 300 cheeses at is the ultimate destination for steak and game meat lovers. Whether it's super rich Wagyu and Kobe beef steaks, health conscious grass-fed beef and buffalo, or game meats like Venison, Elk, Rabbit and more, we have the top selection of meats on the internet. has been a distributor of the finest gourmet food since 2001. Our focus is helping serve the finest chefs, restaurants, hotels, bakeries and pastry shops, specialty stores and private chef's with the best food the world has to offer.

  • How does the Affiliate Program work? arrow
  • We provide you with a selection of web banners which you can use to link to any of our four websites:,, and You can also create buttons or text links on your own that link to our stores. When a visitor clicks on one of these banners, buttons or text links from your website, App or social media account, and makes a purchase at on one of our 4 stores, you receive a commission. The comission structure is a 10% comission on product sales for orders placed on, and The comission is 5% for orders placed on
  • How do I direct someone to your stores? arrow
  • You can choose between text links, individual products links, images, and banners. Your visitors will be automatically directed to our site and will be able shop our catalog. Each link to our site will require a code appended to the end of the link that will recognize that the referral comes from you and will assign any commissions to you.

  • How are commissions calculated? arrow
  • It’s simple: you earn a 10% commission on all shipped product sales that you generate for orders placed at, and! You earn a 5% commission on all shipped product sales that you generate for orders placed at! Shipped product sales means that the commission is accrued only after a placed order has been successfully shipped. If an order is placed but later canceled before being shipped, we do not offer a commission.

  • How and when do I get paid? arrow
  • You can opt to be paid by check if you live within the United States, or by PayPal payment. Commission payments are sent out on a monthly basis whenever you generate more than $25 in total commissions.

  • Do you have a reporting tool? arrow
  • Yes, once you are approved for our program, our affiliate program manager includes real time reporting where you can see the number of people you are sending to our site, the conversions, sales and pending/past commissions.

  • Are all sales on your store eligible? arrow
  • All the incredible products we carry on our four sites are eligible for commission except for Gift Certificates. We do not offer commissions on the sale of Gift Certificates.
  • Can I get a discount code that I can provide to my contacts and visitors to help encourage sales? arrow
  • Yes, once you have been approved into our affiliate program we will provide you with a unique code that will offer first time customers a 10% discount on their first order from, and, along with a separate code for a 5% discount on their first order from

  • Can I use your content on my website, blog, or app? arrow
  • No. All of the content on our websites is strictly copy written and cannot be copied to your site. We encourage you to read through our content though and create your own for your sites and posts.

  • Can I use your product photos on my website, blog, or app? arrow
  • You may use our product photos on your website as long as you adhere to the following guidelines. First, you must caption below the image in HTML text that the photo is courtesy of the store that you found it from and link to that store on the name – it’s fine for you include your affiliate code on that link. For example, if you had used a picture from you would include text as:

    Photo courtesy of

    Second, you may not alter our images in any way without our prior consent. Third, you can not use our images on any page where you are also promoting other companies without our prior consent or in a blog or social media post that is also promoting other companies.

  • Is there a fee to join the program? arrow
  • Absolutely NOT! It's totally and completely FREE!
  • What if I send a visitor to your site who leaves, and then comes back days later and buys, do I still get a commission? arrow
  • We offer a 60-day Referral Credit, which means that you get a commission on all sales that take place up to 60 days after you first direct someone to our 4 stores.

    For example: if a customer visits your site and clicks on our banner ad but doesn't buy anything right away but comes back and makes a purchase a few days later (up to 60 days after their first visit), you still get the commission for that sale. Just one of the many special benefits we give to our affiliates!

  • Are there separate codes to link to each of your four stores? arrow
  • Yes, once you have setup your account, within our Affiliate Program Manager you will find instructions on how to link to each of our 4 stores, so you are provided credit for those links. Each store will have a unique code to append to the end of your URL that links to that store.

  • What kind of websites, social media sites or Apps are the best candidates? arrow
  • We look for sites, social media accounts, and Apps that have a passion for food, just like us. We encourage all interested parties to apply to our program, however, before you can participate, we will need to approve your site. We look to make sure that you are committed to maintaining and up keeping your site, with quality content, that your site is fully functional and operational, and that we feel your site is a good fit for promoting our product lines.

  • How long does it take to have my affiliate program application reviewed? arrow
  • Most applications are reviewed within one business day, however, at times it can take longer depending on the time of the year and if we have additional questions for you while reviewing your application.

  • What if my web site is not completed yet, or is "under construction"? arrow
  • We'd love to welcome you to our Affiliate Program once your website is completed and fully operational.

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