Italian appetizer with Prosciutto and buratta

Italian Starter: Prosciutto Ham, Baked Pears & Mozzarella Burrata Appetizer Recipe

Italian cooking starts with deceptively simple ingredients: hams – like the mouthwatering Prosciutto di Parma – that are cured to perfection, cheeses that are crafted with attention to detail, plus ripe fruit and herbs, all picked fresh, of course. You might not be able to tour Italy (right now), but you can start you meal [Continue Reading...]


Friday Night Dessert: French Fondant Cake Recipe (Lava Cake)

It’s the weekend! After you’re done with work, the gym, and happy hour, let’s talk dessert! Tonight: French Fondant Cake with Ganache Center, or, fondant au chocolat. Gooey, super-chocolaty, warm and delicious, a French fondant au chocolat looks very similar to the American Lava Cake, but it’s actually a bit different (and more delicious, we [Continue Reading...]

lamb burger recipes

Labor Day Recipe: Lamb Burger With Brie & Spicy Sriracha Mayo

We’re only a couple of days away from the holiday weekend, and chances are that in between your spreadsheets, documents, files and forms, you’re Pinterest-ing away for some delicious grilling and cookout recipes. To help you out, we’ve come up with an incredible lamb burger recipe, developed right here at the Gourmet Food Store kitchens! [Continue Reading...]


A Spanish Tapas Menu

The concept of “tapas” is quintessentially Spanish and is truly a reflection of the supremely social culture of Spain, whose people just love gatherings and celebrations of any type.   The “tapeo” consists of a selection of easy-to-eat savory dishes, much like appetizers are used in America. But rather as an opening act to the [Continue Reading...]

olive oil cake recipe

The Classics: The Case For The Olive Oil Cake

Spongy, light, and delicious, the all-star classic olive oil cake definitely gets less play than it deserves. For some, it’s has a bit of a vintag-y, Old Italy feel that’s so en vogue right now. To us, it’s a wonderful cross between an angel cake and the most incredibly moist sponge cake. It’s rich and [Continue Reading...]


VIDEO: How To Style A Cheese Platter (In Under 1 Minute!)

CHEESE PLATTER IDEAS: THE ART OF THE CHEESE BOARD You’ve got your favorite cheeses delivered, now, how do you put it together? There’s an art to assembling a cheese board that goes beyond unpacking the cheeses and plunking them down on a platter or board with a few crackers. It’s all about proportions, balance, textures, [Continue Reading...]

quiche lorraine

A Classic Quiche Lorraine Recipe For Bastille Day

  French Classics: The Quiche Lorraine Recipe Paired with a fresh salad in summer and spring, or with a hearty in soup in the winter, the perennial classic French Quiche Lorraine recipe is a dish as versatile as it is delicious. July 14th marks Bastille Day, the day where all of France takes to the [Continue Reading...]


Dessert: American Apple Pie Shots with Pistachio Crumble

American Modern: Apple Pie Shots with Pistachio Crumble Is there any dessert more quintessentially American than a classic apple pie? This crowd-pleasing dessert is the perfect way to pay homage to America on Independence Day (or any other day!). The height of apple season isn’t until the fall, but apples are (thankfully) available all year-round, [Continue Reading...]


9 Amazing Recipes For Your Fourth of July Menu

OUR FOURTH OF JULY MENU! Fourth of July is all about celebrating America and the great culinary traditions of this incredible country. But it’s also about summer, that bright, hot and sunny season that always seems to just fly us by entirely too quickly. This Independence Day, we’re making the most of the weather and [Continue Reading...]

4th of july dessert

Video: A Patriotic 4th of July Dessert!

 Juicy peaches, sweet strawberries and plump berries are ripe for the picking – and ready to be the star of your 4th of July desserts. Need some inspiration for your 4th of July dessert? Joan Nathan’s fruit crisp is our featured pick! It’s filled with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, then topped with a large scoop [Continue Reading...]