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Gourmet Food Store » Wagyu Beef And Specialty Meats » Rib Eye » Wagyu Rib Eye, MS5, Whole, Cut To Order
Wagyu Rib Eye, MS5, Whole, Cut To Order

Wagyu Rib Eye, MS5, Whole, Cut To Order

from Australia by Greg Norman Signature
11 lbs, 3/4-inch steaks chilled $52.43 $576.75
11 lbs, 1-inch steaks chilled $52.43 $576.75
11 lbs, 1 1/4-inch steaks chilled $52.43 $576.75
11 lbs, 1 1/2-inch steaks chilled $52.43 $576.75
11 lbs, 1 3/4-inch steaks chilled $52.43 $576.75
11 lbs, 2-inch steaks chilled $52.43 $576.75
11 lbs, whole, uncut chilled $49.14 $540.50
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About Wagyu Rib Eye, MS5, Whole, Cut To Order

Our cut-to-order Wagyu Rib Eye steak is a top-of-the-line all-natural meat, and will be a surefire hit at your next grilling party. Derived from Australian Wagyu cows raised on a a natural diet and finished on Japanese grain formulation for 360 days, this is superior beef with superior flavor. The Wagyu breed is revered for its fine grain and intramuscular fat, and at a Marble Score of 5, this rib eye steak is exquisitely soft and creamy. Somewhat less tender than a Wagyu loin cut, it's still butter-soft and has thick streaks of fat that melt during cooking, imbuing it with absolutely mouthwatering flavor.

Buy this delicious Wagyu beef online at Gourmet Food Store, available whole (full, uncut 11 lb) or hand-cut to your chosen thickness. Please note that the amount of steaks varies with every order, and not all steaks will be cut exactly the same size. However, our butchers will try to keep as close to your request as possible. To avoid flare-ups, grill in a pan or tray instead of over open flames. Best enjoyed rare to medium-rare with a light crust of salt and/or pepper.

Marble Score: 5
Availability: Usually ships within 3 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.

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2024901 11 lbs, 3/4-inch steaks 9.50 lbs. - 12.50 lbs. $52.43
2024902 11 lbs, 1-inch steaks 9.50 lbs. - 12.50 lbs. $52.43
2024903 11 lbs, 1 1/4-inch steaks 9.50 lbs. - 12.50 lbs. $52.43
2024904 11 lbs, 1 1/2-inch steaks 9.50 lbs. - 12.50 lbs. $52.43
2024905 11 lbs, 1 3/4-inch steaks 9.50 lbs. - 12.50 lbs. $52.43
2024906 11 lbs, 2-inch steaks 9.50 lbs. - 12.50 lbs. $52.43
2024907 11 lbs, whole, uncut 9.50 lbs. - 12.50 lbs. $49.14
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