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Smoked and Cured Meats

You’ve found the place of the ultimate gourmet meat platter! With our selection of fine specialty meats from around the world – including the best of American charcuterie – creating the cheese and meat board will be incredibly easy.
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German Salami
from Canada by Ehmer
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Saucisson à l’ail Garlic Sausage
from United States by Fabrique Delices
The ideal addition to any good charcuterie board or tasting menu this classic French sausage is one of our favorites and we’re certain once you try it it will be yours too.
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At Gourmet Food Store we source artisan meats from Spain, Italy, France, and many other locales. Whether you want to have the most indulgent snack in the world, the most amazing sandwich you’ve ever tasted, or want to cook with the best cured meats, our selection is exactly what you were look. Discover Spanish Iberico de Bellota, a cured ham from Spain that’s considered the best in the world. It comes from the prized Iberico black-hoofed pigs who roam the Spanish Dehesa, feeding on acorns, tubers and nuts. The breed is genetically privileged with sumptuous intramuscular fat marbling, which the diet rich in tubers and nuts renders even more deliciously buttery and tender. Use Iberico in meat platters, antipasto, for appetizers, or for the ultimate snack and sandwich. Also, from Spain we carry an amazing selection of the traditional Serrano ham, from the Spanish Serrano white pigs. Beloved in Spain and all around the world, this ideal for tapas, to cook into tartas, tortillas and quiches, or to savor in a luxurious sandwich. We offer Spanish paleta, ham, solomillo, pork loin and more. If you’re looking for Italian gourmet cured meat, we carry authentic Prosciutto di Parma ham. This rosy, buttery ham has been around for centuries, and is gently salted and air-cured in cellars for a flavor and texture that coveted by gourmands. Our prosciutto is available in perfectly thin slices for snacking and antipasto, but also in impressive whole legs, which you can slice as thick or thin as you want, and that make for an impressive addition to your kitchen. If salami and sausage is what you were looking for, we carry an impressive selection of great charcuterie, like French-style saucisson, plump German sausage and frankfurters, plus French-style boudin, confit, classic sausages like merguez, andouillete, and more. Discover our endless selection of British banger sausages, smoked venison, pork, wild boar and other great delicacies for grilling, casseroles, or sausage sandwiches. Our assortment of cured and smoked meats comes in curated sampler and gift sets, perfect for when you want to create a gourmet meat platter but don’t know where to start. We’ve paired our best together and will ship them to your doorstep – just open them and eat! They make great gourmet gifts for meat-lovers and fellow foodies and are ideal to add to gourmet gift baskets. The perfect meat platter is never complete without a good amount of quality Charcuterie meats. Start with gourmet cured meats like thin slices of Iberico and Prosciutto, thick slices of chorizo, a few salamis and sausages, to mention a few. Luckily, we've got an amazing selection of cured and smoked meats for sale, sourced from the best charcuterie brands from around the world.
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