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Octopus - Salpicon
from Spain by Kiele
A delicious conserve of premium tender octopus meat pickled in oil with pickles, onions, olives, peppers and seasoned with cumin, rosemary and oregano
Catfish Fillet, Skin Off
from United States by
Coming in packs of 10 our hefty eight-ounce portions make for a generous individual serving or can easily be halved for two!
Alaskan Choo Salmon Fillet, Wild Caught
from United States by
Succulent Alaskan Coho salmon all-natural and wild-caught. 
White Anchovies Marinated in Oil and Vinegar
from Morocco by Markys
A delicious combination of extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, and salt serves as the marinade for these tasty fresh-cured anchovies.
Sardine Fillets Marinated in Sunflower and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
from Greece by Trikalinos
Rich and delicious Greek sardines marinated in a blend of fine extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil. 
Scottish Gravlax Smoked Salmon Gift Set
Scottish in origin, Scandinavian in style, gravlax smoked salmon gift set comes with blini and creme fraiche for creating an elegant surprise brunch
Scottish Smoked Salmon Gift Set
A tasteful gift set of pre-sliced oakwood-smoked Scottish Salmon with blinis and creme fraiche
on sale
Lake Victoria Perch Fillet, Skin On
from United States
Mild and savory with a firm texture and a medium flake, our Lake Victoria Perch is a customer favorite.
Salmorejo Raf
from Spain by Santa Teresa
The hearty and complex taste of Raf tomatoes give this soup deep umami flavors while the addition of bread adds body to this Spanish classic.
Crawfish, Whole and Precooked
from Spain
More delicate than shrimp and sweeter than crab, crawfish is a true luxury meat. Sold in ten-pound boxes, you’ll be certain to have enough for everyone!
from Thailand by
A convenient and delicious option, our pre-cooked shrimp is one culinary shortcut you should be taking advantage of!
Striped Bass Fillet, Skin On
from United States by
Our Silver Streak Striped Bass is a hybrid between Marine Striped Bass and freshwater White Bass, and boasts the best qualities from both breeds!
Stuffed Clam Shells
from United States by Matlaw's
A delightful combination of golden toasty bread crumbs, clams, and spices, make these tasty stuffed clam shells one of our favorites.
Littleneck Clams
from China
Delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare our Littleneck clams have a whole lot going for them. Available by the pound, get exactly the right amount every time!
Frozen Shrimp
from Vietnam by
Available in ten-pound packages, our medium shrimp are a perfect size. Large enough for appetizers yet small enough to toss into any dish you're making.
Small Squids in Olive Oil
from Spain by La Brujula
The most tender little squid are hand-caught, cooked and packed in olive oil for a true Spanish treat. 
Clams In Brine
from Spain by La Brujula
Plump, meaty clams hand-packed in salt and water are the perfect companion to classic dishes like linguine Vongole!
Bottarga Powder - Grey Mullet Powdered Roe
from Greece by Trikalinos
Bottarga, in a powder presentation, allows you to add that fabulous flavor to any dish in just a pinch.
Mussels in Pickled Sauce
from Spain by La Brujula
Plump, meaty mussels are hand-cleaned, carefully fried in olive oil, then hand-packed with a pickle sauce made of vinegar and spices.
Marinated Anchovy Fillets - Boneless and Skinned
from Greece by Trikalinos
Tender, thick and meaty fillets of Greek anchovies are hand-selected and packed in fine Greek extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil.
Small Squids in Ink
from Spain by La Brujula
These tender little squid are caught off the coast of Galicia,  hand-selected and processed, then cooked in a secret sauce of their own ink.
Cuttlefish Ink
from Spain by Marky's
Make your own black pasta at home with our easy to use, striking cuttlefish ink from Spain.
La Brujula Spanish Sardines in Tomato Sauce | Gourmet Food Store
from Spain by La Brujula
A classic Spanish delicacy of Galician sardines prepared in delicious sauce of tomatoes, onions, red peppers, a secret blend of spices and a subtle touch of wine.
Sea Urchin Roes in Brine
from Spain by La Brujula
Beautiful in color and delicious in flavor, sea urchin roe is the chef’s dream ingredient and the gourmand’s delight.
Anchovy Fillets Marinated in Oil and Vinegar
from Morocco by Markys
Fresh-cured anchovies marinate in a delightful combination of garlic, parsley, olive oil, vinegar, and salt.
Colatura di Alici
from Italy by Scalia
The perfect addition to so many dishes, use Colatura di Alici to add complexity and a bold hit of umami to all your recipes.
Frozen Angulas - Baby Eel
from Madagascar by Markys
Flavorful and delicate, these silvery baby eels are packed and quick-frozen to retain that fresh ocean taste.
Shrimp - Raw, Shell On, Easy Peel
from Thailand by Oishii
Discover the most premium shrimp in the market, all-natural, sustainably farmed Oishii shrimp.
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