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Buy delicious fresh oysters right here on our website and choose from a wide array of some of our favorite oyster varieties. From Blue Points and Holy Grail to Emerald Cove and Drunken Kiss, you’ll find all your familiar favorites along with exciting new options you may have never tried before! Guaranteed fresh, our oysters come straight from the fisherman’s net to your front door, with the strictest attention paid to quality and flavor.
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Blue Point Oysters
from United States by
Harvested in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, these deep cup oysters have a light brine and sweet finish.
5 out of 5 stars rating (4 reviews)
Emerald Cove Oysters
from Canada by
These creamy maritime morsels were raised to perfection to ensure a clean, mild flavor and cucumber finish.
5 out of 5 stars rating (7 reviews)
James River Oysters
from United States by
Harvested from Virginia’s James River, these oysters have a milder brininess and sweet finish.
5 out of 5 stars rating (4 reviews)
Blue Point Oysters
from United States by
From Long Island Sound, New York, these are classic medium-brine oysters with a smooth, delectable texture.
Drunken Kiss Oysters
from Canada by
Farmed in Marin Bay, California, these delicious oysters have a salty start and complex metallic finish.

About Our Oysters

How To Shuck Oysters

The main reason for learning to shuck oysters is to eat them raw, delicious, and as fresh as possible! To open the oyster, you’ll need a specialty oyster knife, a small dull pointed blade, but in a pinch, you can use a butter knife or even a flat head screwdriver to pry open the shells. Be sure to use a kitchen towel or an oven mitt to hold the oysters; this will protect you from a slipped knife or a sharp-edged shell. With the flat side up, insert your knife near the hinge and twist, popping open the shell and exposing that tasty interior! Armed with these quick tips simply repeat until all your oysters are opened and serve to your eager guests!

Are Oysters Alive?

Oysters, with their cold and briny freshness, are a gourmet luxury many never get the distinct pleasure of eating. However, oysters are one of those delicious treats you can’t get enough of once you’ve had your first taste. Most of the aversion that comes from the uninitiated oyster eater is because oysters are consumed when still alive. In fact, they are the only animals commonly consumed live in the modern Western World. Paired with a crisp glass of white wine or a frosty mug of beer, they make the ideal hors d'oeuvre. Be forewarned, their addictive qualities can easily turn them from appetizer into the main course!

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