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Enjoy fresh and tasty crawfish no matter where you live by ordering any of our gourmet options. From just the tail meat to conveniently seasoned and pre-cooked whole crawfish, we have a wide range of options from which to choose. Whether you're making a seafood dinner for 2, or you’re hosting a party for 200, we have just what you need.
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Crawfish Tail Meat
from China by
Whether you’re hosting a full-fledged boil or simply making dinner, get exactly the amount of crawfish you need with our by-the-pound option.
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Crawfish, Whole and Precooked
from Spain
More delicate than shrimp and sweeter than crab, crawfish is a true luxury meat. Sold in ten-pound boxes, you’ll be certain to have enough for everyone!
Louisiana Crawfish, Seasoned and Precooked
from United States by
Tender and mild, the sweet taste of Louisiana crawfish is something close to lobster, only better!
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About our Crawfish

More delicate than shrimp and sweeter than crab, crawfish is a true luxury meat. Tastebud and wallet-friendly, these crawfish are not only a tasty option but an economical one as well. Sold by the pound, we make it easy to get exactly the amounts you need.

How to Eat Crawfish

The most popular way to prepare crawfish is to boil them. Bring a large pot of water to a boil, then lower your crawfish in. We recommend doing this in a large fryer basket to make removal quick and easy. After fifteen minutes, turn off your heat and allow the crawfish to finish cooking in the pot for an additional 15 minutes, then remove and enjoy! Less salty and more sweet crawfish offer all the delicious characteristics of crab and lobster, but better. We like to pair our boiled crawfish with fresh corn on the cob, cheddar biscuits, and some creamy potato salad! While crawfish are deliciously enjoyed whole, they also make an excellent addition to so many dishes. From classic examples like jambalaya and etouffée to appetizers, ceviche, and more, there is no end of possibilities when it comes to these tiny crustaceans!

Love the taste of the coast but live in a land-locked location? Not to worry! By ordering your favorite seafood from Gourmet Food Store, you can experience all the best flavors of the sea with the click of a button. Thanks to our expedited shipping options, order anything from cockles and clams to scallops and crawfish to enjoy the delights of the ocean as soon as tomorrow!

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