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Stuffed, brined, or fresh, we have an excellent selection of some of the best clams on the market in every one of its delicious forms. When plucked from their shells, the clam’s bouncy chew and savory bite provide one of the tastiest and most versatile combinations of any bivalve. A delicious addition to a wide variety of recipes and cuisines, the inclusion of clams takes any recipe from mediocre to Michelin-level. Browse through our complete selection of delicious clams and start experiencing these singularly tasty mollusks at their finest!
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Littleneck Clams
from United States by
Tender and briny live Littleneck Clams, farmed sustainably in a protected biosphere in Virginia.
3 out of 5 stars rating (5 reviews)
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Clams In Brine
from Spain by La Brujula
Plump, meaty clams hand-packed in salt and water are the perfect companion to classic dishes like linguine Vongole!
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Stuffed Clam Shells
from United States by Matlaw's
A delightful combination of golden toasty bread crumbs, clams, and spices, make these tasty stuffed clam shells one of our favorites.
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Littleneck Clams
from China
Delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare our Littleneck clams have a whole lot going for them. Available by the pound, get exactly the right amount every time!
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About Our Clams

You can never go wrong with fresh seafood, and the delicious briny taste of clams is one of our favorites! Steamed, grilled, sautéed, in pasta, deep-fried, or even raw, there are many tasty ways to prepare clams.

How to Clean Clams

Depending on the dish, you may use a variety of techniques to cook your clams, but one thing we always recommend is a quick clean. While our fresh clams always receive an initial cleaning, it’s worth the effort to purge them again in salted water to ensure all the sand is gone and avoid the terrible crunch of a gritty bivalve. After a quick scrub with a stiff-bristled brush, soak your clams for approximately thirty minutes in plenty of salted water. Drain, and place in the fridge under a wet towel until ready to use.

How to Cook Clams

Once your tasty bivalves are all clean and sand-free, you’re ready to prepare them in any of your favorite ways! The smallest clams are the most desirable for eating raw. As they get progressively larger, the meat within gets tougher, and cooking becomes necessary. Cooking mollusks can be intimidating, but once you get the knack for it you’ll find it a very quick and rewarding process. Whether you’re steaming, stewing, or grilling, the key to getting good results is not to cook them for very long. Overcooking can happen quickly and changes their flesh from tender to tough in a matter of moments. Cook quickly and watch them closely, and as soon as they are heated through, remove them from the heat.

As the clams cook, the shells should naturally open on their own. If it doesn’t open, do not serve it, this could mean that the clam was dead when you received it and potentially contaminated with bacteria or toxins. Now that you have the basic rules for cooking crustaceans down, start adding them to all your favorite dishes for a delicious taste of the sea!

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