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If you love zesty and exotic seafood treats, you've come to the right place. Our selection of premium anchovies is second to none. Delicious anchovies sourced from the coasts of Spain, Morocco, and Greece, are among our collection of briny options. Hand filleted and cleaned, each delicate fish is carefully packed into an array of delicious marinades. Suspended in flavor, you’ll find anchovies in oil, vinegar, spices, even a combination of the three. No matter your favorite flavor or method of preparation, if you love anchovies, you’re in the right place!
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Small Scallops in Sauce
from Spain by La Brujula
Tins of Spanish scallops marinate in a savory brine of olive oil and tomatoes for a complex blend of delicious flavors!
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Anchovy Fillets with Green Olives
from Spain by Markys
Tender white fillets of anchovy are carefully wrapped around delicate Picholine olives stuffed with red peppers and marinating in olive oil.
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Razor Shells in Brine
from Spain by La Brujula
Large razor clam fillets are immersed in a salty brine that captures and preserves all the fresh taste of the ocean.
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Cooked Octopus Legs
from Spain by Alfrio
Tasty and tender, you’ll love the convenience and versatility of these cooked octopus legs.
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About Our Premium Anchovies

Surprisingly versatile you can’t go wrong with a can or two of anchovies, and we have an excellent assortment from which to choose. Keep a selection on hand in your pantry to add deep umami flavor to everything from sauces and spreads to pizzas and pasta!

What Are Anchovies?

While anchovies have been a fixture in various cuisines, especially those of the Mediterranean, there remains a certain amount of confusion around these tasty little fish. Intensely fishy, salty, and flavorful, anchovies can be found anywhere from the Mediterranean to as far north as Scandinavia. Salt-cured anchovy filets are generally packed in oil or marinated in a combination of seasonings and vinegar. Wonderfully versatile, a single fillet can make a world of difference in a wide range of dishes, buoying up the flavors and adding depth and complexity.

Anchovies vs sardines

While anchovies and sardines are worlds apart in an abundance of ways, you’ll often find the two confused. Perhaps because they are both relatively small oily fish. Or perhaps because they both generally come packed in tins and are often resting side-by-side on supermarket shelves. There are a couple of easy ways to tell the two apart and ensure you’re getting the fish you’re really after.

When the tins are opened, the difference between the two fishes is obvious. Sardines are visibly larger than the tiny anchovy, and the color of their flesh is a pale silvery-white color. Anchovies, in contrast, have dark reddish-grey flesh thanks to the salt-curing process that preserves them. If you’re still stumped on which fish your recipe needs, taste them! Sardines have a milder flavor, light and slightly briny, while anchovies offer an aggressive burst of umami, perfect for infusing dishes with deep savory flavor!

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