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Recipes by Ingredient

Not sure what to make for dinner? Want to experiment with a certain ingredient but don’t know how to best prepare it? Look no further than our recipes by ingredients page. From truffled polenta to duck magret and even the notoriously difficult French macaron, you’ll find a wealth of well-articulated recipes and how-tos to make your adventures in the kitchen a success. Search through our exhaustive list of chef-tested and approved recipes to help you figure out what to make and the best way to make it!
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Browse our best recipes by ingredients like chicken, beef, and mushrooms, to seasonal favorites like strawberries, tomatoes, asparagus, and so much more. Find an ingredient on Gourmet Food Store you’ve never worked with before? Chances are you’ll also find a sensational recipe using it on our website. Our list of tasty creations can help you maximize all the amazing qualities of your ingredients or give you inspiration for a weeknight dinner when you’re unsure what to make.

To make things even easier be sure to employ our drop-down menu. With a list including each item, simply click on the one you’re looking for and wait for your page to repopulate with all our recipes using that ingredient. From luxurious items like foie gras and truffles to something as simple as ice cream, you’ll find it all on this list. But that’s not all; while you can search for recipes using specific ingredients, our list also includes recipes by country. Love Italian food? Prefer Spanish or French? We’ve got you covered there too. Simply choose the culinary tradition you like best and see all the classic recipes from that location on our website. Also categorized into seasonal recipes as well as special occasions, whether you’re looking for a warm and hearty meal on a winter night or trying to brainstorm ideas for your annual Super Bowl bash, you’ll find suggestions for recipes specific to your needs. Try out this feature for yourself and prepare to start wasting less food and eating better meals; with our recipes by ingredients page. Rediscover your love of cooking and start enjoying every new venture into the world of gourmet food.