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French Recipes

Few countries could claim to have contributed more to the world of gastronomy than the French. Innumerable dishes and culinary techniques have originated in France. The creator of so many of our best dishes and cooking practices, you’ll love our French recipes. From the classics like Buche de Noel and Quiche Lorraine to creations inspired by traditional French foods, you’ll find no end of tempting recipes from which to choose.
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Since the Middle Ages, the expansion of the French empire across the globe has brought their culinary influence into many cuisines. Asia, Africa, North America, and of course, Europe have all been impacted by the gastronomic mastery of the French. French bread-making techniques migrated to Vietnam in the 1800s, helping to spawn the creation of what many now consider the classic Vietnamese sandwich Banh Mi. Belgium boasts fusions of Flemish and French flavors that can be seen in dishes like Carbonnade Flamande, a dish very like that classic French creation Beef Bourguignon. While tracing the elements taking place across the globe that account for the widespread use and of French culinary technique is far too involved for this short article, suffice it to say that the influence France had over the world of food was in no small part related to their deep understanding of flavor. France has long been recognized for its expert use of seasonings and spices, a characteristic still present in their modern cuisine. Along with the preservation of natural flavors and the insistence on using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, France has and continues to have one of the largest impacts of any nation on our fundamental idea of what is delicious. You can't go wrong by choosing a classic French recipe for dinner this evening, and you can find all manner of tasty ones to choose from right here on our website!