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Prisca Portuguese Honey with Walnuts | Gourmet Food Store

Honey with Walnuts

from Portugal by Prisca Seduction
9.7 oz jar room temp $9.75 $9.75 4213701

Honey with Walnuts

Turn your palate to Portugal and savor this wonderful blend of pure wildflower honey studded with meaty, woodsy walnuts by Casa da Prisca. An all-natural product that only contains two ingredients: honey and walnuts.

The smooth texture and sweetness of the honey makes for a perfect counterpoint to the crunchy, earthy walnuts. Incredibly versatile, you can use this for any manner of sweet or savory applications – in the morning, drizzle over your yogurt, fruit plate or toast; add a dollop over a fresh green salads with crumbled blue cheese for a mix of sweet and savory; use it to glaze a ham or marinate lamb; for dessert, drizzle over ice cream, panna cotta or a creamy cheesecake, and finally, this is Prisca’s Honey With Walnuts is especially excellent matched on a cheese plate with intense blue cheeses like Cabrales or Roquefort, or a fresh and young goat cheese.

Casa da Prisca is an award-winning Portugese company located in Trancoso, a beautiful region in the mountains at the Northeast of Portugal. The family owned company has been continuously run for almost one hundred years, continuing with a tradition that began with homemade sausage-making, drying and curing. Their range today includes a wide range of delicious gourmet products like pates, compotes, preserves and meats, all characterized by the fresh flavors of Portugal.

Ingredients: Honey 85% and walnuts 15%.
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