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Prisca Portuguese Honey with Chestnuts | Gourmet Food Store

Honey with Chestnuts

from Portugal by Prisca Seduction
9.7 oz jar room temp $9.75 $9.75 4214001

Honey with Chestnuts

When sweet wildflower honey from Portugal meets meaty, plump hazelnuts, great things are bound to happen. This deceptively simple mix is just what your pantry needed to make any dish sweet and delicious.

It all starts with fragrant honey infused with the aromas and flavors of Portuguese wildflowers, and ends with a good handful of meaty, delicious hazelnuts. The wonderfully floral, smooth and delicate honey serves as the perfect vehicle for the earthy, crunchy nuts, and makes this a super versatile condiment.

Our preferred use is to match this with a cheese platter with a variety of fresh chevres like Capricho de Cabra, or with an intense blue cheese Blue de Auvergne. It’s also delicious drizzled over Greek yogurt with fresh fruit for a boost to your morning breakfast, spread on toast or muffins, used to glaze or marinade meats like pork and ham, or simply eaten out of the jar. A beautiful gift for the holidays as well!

Casa da Prisca is an award-winning Portuguese company located in Trancoso, a beautiful region in the mountains at the Northeast of Portugal. The family owned company has been continuously run for almost one hundred years, continuing with a tradition that began with homemade sausage-making, drying and curing. Their range today includes a wide range of delicious gourmet products like pates, compotes, preserves and meats, all characterized by the fresh flavors of Portugal.

Ingredients: Honey 85% and chestnuts 15%.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Can you post the nutritional info for this product or take a pic if it is in English on the jar? Thank you!
A: These are the nutritional values for 100 g, as supplied by the producer: Energy - 1321 KJ/320.0 kcal; Proteins - 0.82g; Fat - 0.14g; Carbohydrates - 77.44g; Sugars - 73.74g; Fat/Saturated Fat - 0.14g/0.01g; Fibers - 0.79g; Sodium - 0.01g.


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