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5 Flavored Tagliatelle Pasta
from Italy by Tealdi
Long flat pasta enriched with five fantastic flavors - truffle, squid ink, mushrooms, arugula and bright saffron.
Apricots with Almonds
from Spain by De Juan
Sweet dried apricots with a plump almond in the center. Perfect for a healthy, nutritious snack, or to add to a cheese plate.
Caprichos del Paladar Artichoke Cream Spread | Gourmet Food Store
from Spain by Caprichos Del Paladar
A smooth and delicious spread made of tender artichokes mixed with olive oil and a special blend of seasonings.
Artichoke Hearts
from Spain by Caprichos Del Paladar
Healthy and flavorful baby artichoke hearts from Spain, presented in a cute jar with no preservatives or dyes
Bamboo Golf Skewers
from China by Solia
Recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, these little bamboo skewers with sleek flat ends give a modern touch to appetizers.
Solia Bamboo Knotted Skewers - 5.9" | Gourmet Food Store
from China by Solia
Beautiful design and earth friendliness! These pretty and practical bamboo skewers are eco friendly, reusable, compostable and disposable.
Solia Bamboo Leaf Boat Bowls | Eco Friendly | Gourmet Food Store
from China by Solia
Serve your Asian-inspired dishes in great, eco-friendly style with Solia’s unique Bamboo Leaf Boat serving bowls.
Bamboo Paddle Skewers - 3.5 Inch
from China by ThinkBamboo
Use and reuse, or discard without a guilty conscience: these skewers come from 100% renewable bamboo.
Bamboo Pearl Skewers - 4.7 Inch
from China by GourmetFoodStore.com
Natural bamboo skewers with colorful braided tops are fabulous for hors d'oeuvres, cheese and meat plates, and samplings.
Christian Potier French Bearnaise  Sauce | Gourmet Food Store
from France by Christian Potier
This incredible French sauce makes it easy to elevate the simplest of meals to extraordinary heights.
Black Rice
from Spain by Sivaris
A dramatic ebony rice that turns into a deep burgundy color as it cooks, full of fiber, antioxidants and a rich nutty flavor.
B'lure Flower Extract
from Australia by Wild Hibiscus Flower Company
A vibrant bright blue, color-changing concentrated flower extract from the butterfly pea flower of Thailand.
Artichoke Hearts
from Spain by Caprichos Del Paladar
Spanish baby artichoke hearts in a quaint little jar, with added sweetness of sugar
Carnaroli Rice - Aged
from Italy by Acquerello
The Rolls Royce of rice, Italian Aquerello Carnaroli delivers a bolder, richer and more delicious risotto than any other rice.
Carnaroli Rice Extra Category
from Spain by Sivaris
A thick and pearly white rice with great absorption, Carnaroli makes flavorful and creamy risottos every time.
Ceramic Escargot Plate with Handle
from Taiwan by GourmetFoodStore.com
A fabulous and authentic escargot plate with a practical handle.
Chestnuts in Water - Marrons au Naturel
from France by Sabaton
Create sweet concoctions or savory dishes - stuffing, chestnut rice - or just plain roast them over that open fire.
Chocolate Covered Almonds
from Spain by Indeal
Crispy Spanish almonds coated with a rich dark chocolate layer for beautifully contrasting flavors.
Chocolate Covered Dates Filled with Almonds
from Spain by Indeal
Delicious and gluten-free bonbons of almonds and Tunisian dates with a decadent coating of dark chocolate
Chocolate Covered Potato Chips - Choco Crisps
from Spain by Indeal
Crunchy potato chips coated in velvety chocolate layers, giving a delicious bite every time
Cocktail Salad Mix Royale
from Spain by Indeal
A tasty trail mix of walnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, raisins, dried pineapple and red berries
Transparent Bowl
from France by Solia
Your dishes will look as incredible as they taste when you serve them in these unique mini cooking pots with a cool vintage, industrial vibe.
Crunchy Corn Quicos
from Spain by Indeal
Giant Spanish salted and toasted GMO-free crunchy corn kernels are your new favorite game day snack.
Date Log with Marcona Almonds
from Spain by Mitica
Slice this grab-sized log into pieces and enjoy sweet, crunchy flavors of date and almonds with your cheese
Dates with Almonds
from Spain by De Juan
More delicious and natural than packaged energy bars, these sweet dates hide a secret almond center.
Dates with Walnuts
from Spain by De Juan
A delicious snack that's also healthy, these sweet dates are wrapped around plump Spanish walnuts.
Dried Tomato Pesto Cream
from Italy by Tealdi
A marriage of Mediterranean and Genovese traditions, this blends tomatoes with garlic, olive oil and a touch of spicy chili.
Escargot Achatine a la Bourguignonne - Frozen
from France by Terroirs d'Antan
French cuisine at your very fingertips. Escargots in shells with garlic butter a la bourguignon.
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