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Pantry Items

Stock up your pantry with all the gourmet ingredients your heart desires! We carry a wide variety of pantry items, from gourmet maple syrup to rare marrons, you'll find all you need to fill your cabinets.
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Spoons - Transparent Cristal Clear Plastic
from France by Solia
These beautiful clear spoons made from tough and disposable material are stylish and sturdy.
Dried Tomato Pesto Cream
from Italy by Tealdi
A marriage of Mediterranean and Genovese traditions, this blends tomatoes with garlic, olive oil and a touch of spicy chili.
French Crispy Crackers with Rosemary
from France by Tresors Gourmands
Infused with the fresh and fragrant flavor of rosemary, these little crackers are the perfect bite-sized companion to your cheese and charcuterie boards.
Black Sesame Paste
from United States by Wadaman
The deeply rich and nutty taste of this premium black sesame paste is perfect for both sweet and savory culinary application.
Bamboo Paddle Skewers - 3.5 Inch
from China by ThinkBamboo
Use and reuse, or discard without a guilty conscience: these skewers come from 100% renewable bamboo.
Egg Farfalle Pasta
from Italy by Tealdi
A classic Italian pasta shaped like bow-ties, perfect for rich sauces, cold salads and casserolles.
Solia Silver Plastic Spoons | Gourmet Food Store
from France by Solia
Glossy and sleek, sturdy and strong, these metallized plastic spoons look just like the real thing.
Forks - Transparent Plastic
from France by Solia
Versatile, practical and pretty, use these forks with to serve appetizers, amuse buches or desserts at your next party or event, or to give customers tasty samples.
Bamboo Golf Skewers
from China by Solia
Recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, these little bamboo skewers with sleek flat ends give a modern touch to appetizers.
White Tamari
from United States by Nitto Jozo
A low-wheat option, Tamari soy sauce perfect for cooking and adding depth and brightness to dishes.
Spanish Caperberries - Organic
from Spain by Campomar Nature
A Mediterranean staple, our Spanish Caperberries are the perfect pickled addition to all your favorite savory dishes, lending themselves especially well to seafood!
French Crispy Crackers with Garlic and Herbs
from France by Tresors Gourmands
Delicately flavored with garlic and fresh herbs, these waffle-style crackers make the perfect partner to goat cheeses and smoked salmon.
Porcini Mushroom Spread, Organic
from Italy by Delicious and Sons
Bold, aromatic, and deeply savory, this porcini mushroom spread is a must-have addition to any kitchen pantry.
Spanish Gazpacho Soup with Raf Tomatoes
from Spain by Santa Teresa
The perfect balance of surprisingly sweet Raf tomatoes, garlic, and sharp sherry vinegar, make this interpretation of the Spanish classic truly delicious!
Fig Vinegar
from United States by Iio Jozo
Carrying a light and fragrant fruitiness, and a soft and lingering acidity, this fig vinegar has a taste both mellow and full-bodied.
Mini Croccantini Crackers with Cracked Black Pepper
from United States by La Panzanella
Crunchy, crisp artisan crackers, these black pepper Croccantini are perfectly designed to pair with cheeses, meats and pates.
Smoked Soy Sauce
from United States by Yugeta Shoyu
Gently smoked over cherry wood, this specialty shoyu boasts a deep umami-rich flavor.
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Honey Sweetened Purple Sweet Potato Vinegar
from United States by Iio Jozo
A rare, gorgeously-colored and unique artisan Japanese Sweet Potato vinegar, flavored with honey.
Mitsuboshi Soy Sauce
from United States by Horikawaya Nomura
This well-balanced soy sauce boasts layer after layer of flavor, achieving an overarching harmony of taste that will enhance every dish.
Mini Croccantini Crackers with Toasted Sesame
from United States by La Panzanella
Sweet toasted sesame and a pinch of sea salt makes this thin and crunchy Croccantini crackers ideal for cheeses, pates and smoked salmon.
Golden Sesame Paste
from United States by Wadaman
A rich and luscious paste from golden sesame seeds grown in Japan and roasted to perfection in ceramic mills.
Mini Croccantini Crackers - Original
from United States by La Panzanella
Light and airy artisan crackers with a perfect crispy crunch that stands up to creamy cheeses or a thick slice of dry saucisson.
White Asparagus Buds
from Spain by Dantza
These sweet and tender white asparagus buds are submerged in a light brine to preserve their delightful flavor and snap.
Green Hot Chili Peppers - Organic
from Spain by Campomar Nature
The perfect way to add a little spice to all your favorite dishes and recipes try our organic green chili peppers!
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Purple Sweet Potato Vinegar
from United States by Iio Jozo
This purple sweet potato vinegar from Iio Jozo is slightly earthy on the nose and the palate, punctuated by a balancing tartness.
White Asparagus from Navarre | Gourmet Food Store
from Spain by Dantza
Meaty asparagus from Navarre are coveted for their wonderful texture and mellow flavor. Perfect for tapas!
Sliced Hot Jalapeno Peppers - Organic
from Spain by Campomar Nature
Already sliced for your convenience, our Jalapeños pack just enough heat. Add them to pizza and salads for a spicy bite and a pleasant crunch.
Traditional Crackers with Quinoa and Olive Oil, Vegan
from Spain by Paul and Pippa
Spanish extra virgin olive oil is paired with organic white quinoa to create this simple yet sensational cracker.
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