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Dark Chocolate Shavings - Medium
from United States by Pastry 1
Large, dark chocolate shavings are the perfect topping to gourmet cakes and desserts.
Spicy Pepper Bruschetta Spread
from Italy by Tealdi
Subbing out classic tomatoes for our sun-ripened Mediterranean red peppers, this spicy bruschetta packs a real punch in terms of flavor.
Porcini Mushroom Spread, Organic
from Italy by Delicious and Sons
Bold, aromatic, and deeply savory, this porcini mushroom spread is a must-have addition to any kitchen pantry.
Guirlache Turron - Almond Nougat
from Spain by Torrons Vicens
Break our almond guirlache turron into pieces that you can use to top ice creams, decorate cakes, and of course, enjoy on its own.
Mini Round Sweet Chocolate Tartlets - 1.5 Inch
from China by Moda
A versatile option, our chocolate pastry shells provide the perfect counterbalance to everything from fruit and cream fillings to more chocolate.
Tucanias - Milk Chocolate with Almond Nougat
from Spain by Torrons Vicens
With a refined look and a luxurious quality our chocolate and nougat covered nuts are a delightful addition to every kitchen cupboard.
Cheese Me - Artisanal Parmesan Cheese and Olive Oil Biscuits, Vegetarian
from Spain by Paul and Pippa
Savory Parmesan mingles beautifully with buttery Spanish olive oil.
Tucanias Chocolate Praline - Chocolate Covered Caramelized Almonds with Praline
from Spain by Torrons Vicens
A tempting union of toasted almonds and chocolate, these nuts offer an unforgettable eating experience. 
Mini Square Sweet Tartelettes - Butter 1.88"
from China by Moda
Boasting an angular modern look, our lightly sweetened square pastry shells are the perfect addition to your next party or event.
on sale
Golden Sesame Paste
from United States by Wadaman
A rich and luscious paste from golden sesame seeds grown in Japan and roasted to perfection in ceramic mills.
Tucanias Cafe Y Chocolate - Caramelized Almond with Coffee and Chocolate
from Spain by Torrons Vicens
Coffee and chocolate have long been a favorite combination, and these tasty sweets are the perfect example of why.
Hateruma Island Crushed Brown Sugar (Kokutou)
from United States by Murakami Syouten
This complex sugar from Japan is the perfect balance of bittersweet flavor.
Valrhona Guanaja Dark Chocolate Bar - 70%
from France by Valrhona
With a deep and complex flavor profile, our 70% dark chocolate block from Valrhona adds nuance to your dishes.
Mixed Vegetables Bruschetta Spread
from Italy by Tealdi
An array of garden-fresh vegetables, garlic, and just enough heat to make things interesting, this full-flavored spread is beautifully well-rounded.
Wafer Flakes (Pailleté Feuilletine)
by Cacao Noel
Add a crackly crisp texture to desserts and a subtle caramelized flavor with these wafer flakes, classically known as Pailleté Feuilletine.
Decorating Gold Leaf Sheets - 3 3/8 inch, Edible
from United States by Gold Leaf Company
Add a shiny yet elegant look to your dishes with our 24 karat, edible gold leaf.
Artisanal Coconut and Olive Oil Biscuits, Vegan
from Spain by Paul and Pippa
These show stopping biscuits provide the ideal balance of coconut and extra virgin olive oil.
Noel Cocoa Powder - Extra Dark, 22-24%
from France by Noel
Boasting a 22-24% cocoa fat content, this extra dark powder offers a luxurious richness to all your creations.
Lady Carrot Cake - Artisanal Carrot and Olive Oil Biscuits, Vegan
from Spain by Paul and Pippa
Anise, ginger, and cinnamon give our biscuits a unique flavor profile.
on sale
White Tamari
from United States by Nitto Jozo
A low-wheat option, Tamari soy sauce perfect for cooking and adding depth and brightness to dishes.
Valrhona Dulcey Blonde Chocolate Pistoles - 32% Feves
from France by Valrhona
With a flavor akin to butterscotch, this unique blonde chocolate will enhance so many of your favorite recipes.
Puttanesca Tomato Sauce, Organic
from Italy by Delicious and Sons
A truly tasty sauce, our organic Puttanesca from Italy’s own, Delicious and Sons, is made from 100% all-natural organic ingredients.
Crystallized Ginger
from Thailand by Gourmet Imports
Aromatic, sweet, and just a little bit spicy, our crystallized ginger is the flavorful ingredient your baking and cooking needs to include!
Valrhona Cocoa Paste Block - 100%
from France by Valrhona
For the richest chocolate taste look to our 100% cocoa paste from France's leading chocolate producer, Valrhona!
Mini Round Unsweetened Tartlets - Butter 1.5"
from China by Moda
It’s never been easier to enjoy the delicious taste of freshly baked tarts than with our pre-made and formed pastry shells.
Lime After Time - Artisanal Lime and Olive Oil Biscuits, Vegan
from Spain by Paul and Pippa
Fresh juicy limes give these artisanal biscuits a bright and zesty flavor you’re going to love!
Traditional White Truffle Flavored Crackers
from Spain by Paul and Pippa
White truffle and extra virgin olive oil crackers are an exceptional union of Mediterranean flavors.
Noel Pate a Glacer - White Pistoles
from France by Noel
The easy and versatile temper-free chocolate option, Cocoa Noel’s Pate a Glacer, makes dipping, finishing, and glazing desserts a breeze!
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