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Rendered Goose Fat

Rendered Goose Fat

from France by Golden Goose
8 oz chilled   $11.50 1701501

About Rendered Goose Fat

With it's silky texture and smooth, rich flavor, goose fat is almost a revered ingredient in the most chefs' kitchens. This goose fat for sale easily adds a decadent flavor to anything it's cooked with, and is especially famous when used to roast potatoes. A high burning point means that the rendered goose fat will work great at high temperature without burning. Use it to fry and roast potatoes, vegetables, fries or toasted bread (like a goose fat French toast!), risotto or to make a succulent confit. Golden Goose Deli's Rendered Duck Fat is also all-natural and organic, from free-range geese and is made right in California.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Does goose fat have monounsaturated fat, is it good for you
A: Goose fat is 57% monounsaturated fat, 28% saturated fat, 11% polyunsaturated. It is pretty high in monounsaturated fat and considered a good option.


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