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Angel Food Cake
from United States by Sweet Endings
Keep it simple and elegant with this wondrously light and fluffy angel cake, made with whipped egg whites, flour, sugar and vanilla. Zero butter!
Apricot and Almonds Spanish Cake
from Spain by Corona Blanca
Apricots Glace
from United States by International Glaze
Sweet but fresh, jumbo apricots with a light glaze.
Apricots with Almonds
from Spain by De Juan
Sweet dried apricots with a plump almond in the center. Perfect for a healthy, nutritious snack, or to add to a cheese plate.
Assorted Fig Bonbons with Pralines
from Spain by Indeal
Assorted Fig Bonbons with Truffles
from Spain by Indeal
An assortment of juicy Spanish fig bon bons, some with truffle filling, some coated in silky cocoa powder
White Chocolate Pistoles - 29.2 % Cacao - Blanc Satin
from France by Cacao Barry
A luscious white chocolate with notes of vanilla and caramel for coverture, in easy to measure and melt pistoles.
Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolate - 50%
from Belgium by Callebaut
A traditional hazelnut paste made from sweet roasted, ground and caramelized hazelnuts.
Candied Orange Slices, Glazed
from Australia by Simarloo
Caramel Crepes
from France by Paysan Breton
The perfect blend of sweet and salty, these crepes have a mouthwatering butter and caramel flavor.
Chocolate Brownie Bundt
from United States by Sweet Endings
Bite into these mini bundt cakes made from deliciously soft and moist chocolate brownie, available plain or with butter cream center
Chocolate Coconut Sensation Cake
from United States by Sweet Endings
Decadent layers of chocolate and coconut enveloped in chocolate ganache and coconut flakes
Chocolate Covered Almonds
from Spain by Indeal
Crispy Spanish almonds coated with a rich dark chocolate layer for beautifully contrasting flavors.
Chocolate Covered Dates
from Spain by Indeal
A jar of 5 bonbons made from North African dates luxuriously coated in Belgian dark chocolate
Chocolate Covered Dates Filled with Almonds
from Spain by Indeal
Delicious and gluten-free bonbons of almonds and Tunisian dates with a decadent coating of dark chocolate
Chocolate Covered Potato Chips - Choco Crisps
from Spain by Indeal
Crunchy potato chips coated in velvety chocolate layers, giving a delicious bite every time
Chocolate Crepes
from France by Paysan Breton
Authentic French crepes with a chocolate twist! Fill these up with your favorite fillings, like fresh fruit and whipped cream.
Chocolate Fig Bonbon with Brandy Ganache
from Spain by xquisite
Raindrop-shaped bonbons made from juicy figs, chocolate ganache and a splash of brandy
Ultimate Chocolate Cake - Individual Size
from United States by Sweet Endings
Single serving scratchmade chocolate cakes filled with chocolate pudding and smothered in rich chocolate fudge
Chocolate Indulgence Cake
from United States by Sweet Endings
A chocolate lover's heaven: scratchmade chocolate cake and hot chocolate pudding topped with rich fudge for a sumptuous dessert
Chocolate Kiss Filled Cupcakes
from United States by Sweet Endings
Dense and sweet, this is the chocolate cupcake sweet dreams are made of: chocolate pudding cupcakes topped with chocolate fudge frosting.
Chocolate Lava Cake
from United States by Sweet Endings
Single-serving cakes filled with bittersweet chocolate that oozes out like lava. Best served hot!
Coconut Grove Bundt Cake
from United States by Sweet Endings
Beautifully ring-shaped cakes made from moist coconut batter baked in coconut milk. Available with or without buttercream
Sweet Endings Coconut Grove Giant Filled Cupcakes | Gourmet Food Store
from United States by Sweet Endings
Inspired by one of South Florida’s most eclectic neighborhoods, this giant cupcake is filled with yummy coconut custard for a tropical, Florida flavor.
Country Carrot Cake
from United States by Sweet Endings
Triple-tiered carrot cake baked with crisp carrots, crunchy walnuts, golden raisins and pineapple, frosted in cream cheese with eye-pleasing carrot design
Country Carrot Layer Cake - Individual Portion
from United States by Sweet Endings
Two-layer carrot cake optimum sized for single serving, frosted with real cream cheese for a rich, juicy dessert
Dark Chocolate Covered Figs
from Spain by Indeal
5 tasty bonbons, each made from Mediterranean fig dipped in rich Belgian dark chocolate for an authentic gourmet sweet.
Date Log with Marcona Almonds
from Spain by Mitica
Slice this grab-sized log into pieces and enjoy sweet, crunchy flavors of date and almonds with your cheese
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