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Other Baking Ingredients

There are always ingredients that are hard to find and even harder to categorize. Before you lose hope, check our Other Baking Ingredients section, where you'll find anything from coconut sugar to tapioca pearls.
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Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolate - 50%
from Belgium by Callebaut
A traditional sweet fine hazelnut paste for filling made from roasted, ground and caramelized hazelnuts mixed with sugar.
Dried Coconut Chips
from Thailand by Tang's Market
Dried Honey Coconut Chips
from Thailand by Tang's Market
French Orange Blossom Syrup
from France by Epicerie Provence
Tapioca Pearls
from Thailand by Caravelle
Large, round tapioca pearls are the perfect size to create Chinese Bubble Tea!
Almond Marzipan - 34%
from United States by American Almond
With a wonderful amaretto flavor, made of select-grade almonds.
Butterscotch Brownie Mix - Sugar Free
from United States by Bernard
A deliciously sweet and chunky sugar-free brownie that definitely doesn't taste like it's sugar-free.
Puff Pastry Dough - 12 Sheets (11x 16x 1/8)
from United States by Dufour Pastry
Rose Water
by Cortas
The coveted Rose Water from Lebanon is both a beauty tonic and a delicious way to add floral flavor to desserts and beverages.
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