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Molecular Gastronomy

Welcome to the science side of gourmet cooking! Our selection of ingredients for molecular gastronomy is designed to make technical baking a breeze. From gelification to spherification, there are endless ways to add a unique touch to your cooking, but you’ll need to stock up on the ingredients. Explore our selection of premium molecular gastronomy ingredients and tools!
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About Molecular Gastronomy Ingredients

Create unique and whimsical molecular gastronomy recipes with our line of technical ingredients and tools. Whether you’re looking for precision spherification, or turning regular dishes into surprising formats like foams, you’ll need a series of unique ingredients like food thickeners, sous vide tools, gels, and other ingredients, crucial to achieving the textures of molecular gastronomy cooking. You’ll need calcium chloride and alginate for perfect spheres, for example, and for sculpting caviar or “spaghetti”, you’ll want to have a supply of agar-agar, gelatin, and other gelification ingredients like iota carrageenan and kappa carrageenan. Gelification allows for liquids to be presented in a solid state.

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For those amazingly airy and gorgeous foams, reach for the best emulsification ingredients, like soy lecithin and methylcellulose. For powderizing – taking liquids to powders – try maltodextrin. But there are so many ways to create molecular gastronomy masterpieces! From transparent pasta to stunning foams and caviar that’s not made of fish eggs, there are endless ways to experiment with molecular gastronomy techniques, deconstruct foods, and experience new sensations.

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