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Frozen Appetizers

Whether you're hosting an elaborate cocktail party or an impromptu get-together with a few friends, our line of frozen appetizers and hors d'oeuvres are the perfect thing to keep a store of in the freezer. Just whip them out, heat them up, and serve a most elegant bite-sized treat.

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Mini Fillo Shells - Ready to Fill
from United States by White Toque
Flaky pre-baked mini phyllo cups are perfect to fill with both savory and sweet ingredients. 
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Raspberry and Brie Fillo Puffs - Frozen
from United States by White Toque
Frozen, ready to warm up crispy phyllo puffs filled with sweet red cranberries, French Brie and a sprinkle of sliced almonds.
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Pear and Brie Fillo Rolls - Frozen Appetizer
from United States by White Toque
Crispy phyllo rolls filled with sweet juicy poached pears and French brie cheese - just heat and serve!
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Mushroom Risotto Fillo Triangles - Frozen Appetizers
from United States by White Toque
Hearty phyllo pastry triangles filled with a traditional creamy mushrooms risotto made with Arborio rice.
Mediterranean Fillo Quiche Frozen Appetizers
from United States by White Toque
Flaky little phyllo cups are filled with three different and equally scrumptious Mediterranean-inspired fillings.
5 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
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Goat Cheese and Fig Fillo Rolls - Frozen Appetizers
from United States by White Toque
The perfect sweet-and-savory bite of flaky phyllo rolls filled with creamy goat cheese and sweet figs.
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.

Sometimes called a starter, an appetizer is so much more than just the beginning of a meal! It’s an appetite-wetter, a mood setter, an indication, by flavor and texture and looks, of how the meal or party will go. We love serving our line of frozen appetizers because they have that professional look paired with that homemade taste, and just incredibly elegant all around. They’re the perfect bite-size, so you can eat with one hand while easily holding your cocktail or glass of wine on the other – so essential, as nobody wants to juggle with their food!

You can pick from several types of frozen appetizers, like classic brie and pear in puff pastry, airy bites of raspberry and brie (delish!), mushroom risotto perfectly encased in flaky fillo pastry dough, and so much more! Elegant and delicious, sophisticated but easy to eat, what more could a host or hostess (and guest!), ask for! Stock up on these for the holidays, especially for Thanksgiving, where you might want to save your time and energy to preparing the perfect turkey and sides. Also ideal for Christmas and New Year’s parties and festivities, so you can spend your time decorating!

We ship our frozen appetizers in specially designed packaging that’s guaranteed to arrive frozen to you. Just put them in the freezer until you need them or heat them up right away. Or send them to a friend far away who needs a savory treat!

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