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Cake and Pastry Decorating

Give your baking and pastry items that extra delicious touch with decorating chocolates! Experiment with our chocolate products designed especially for edible cake decoration, adding both flavor, quality and whimsy to your baking.
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Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearls
from France by Noel
Crunchy, sweet, and fun to eat, you’ll love the look and taste of these dark chocolate crunchy pearls.
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Cigarette Sticks - Chocolate White/Dark
from United States by Pastry 1
A striking combination, these white and dark chocolate cigarette sticks offer not only an elegant look but also a singularly delicious taste.
Cigarette Sticks - Dark Chocolate, 4 inch
from Belgium by Pastry 1
Combine big chocolate taste and an elegant look with these delicate dark chocolate cigarettes from Pastry 1.
Wafer Flakes (Pailleté Feuilletine)
by Cacao Noel
Add a crackly crisp texture to desserts and a subtle caramelized flavor with these wafer flakes, classically known as Pailleté Feuilletine.
Cigarette Sticks, Maxi - Dark Chocolate, 8 inch
from Belgium by Pastry 1
Extra-long, these 8-inch dark chocolate cigarettes are the perfect garnish for drinks and desserts.
Cigarette Sticks - White Chocolate, 8 inch
from United States by Pastry 1
Add an elegant look to desserts, drinks, and more, with our 8-inch Belgian chocolate cigarettes.
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Cake band, Clear 2.5 inch
from United States by kopykake
Create mess-free cakes with our acetate cake bands. Simply wrap, secure, and fill for beautiful even layers every time!
Pearl Sugar Grains Calibre 10
from France by Cristal Co
Add a sweet crunch to all your baked goods with these premium grains of pearl sugar.
White Chocolate Crunchy Pearls
from France by Noel
Crunchy cereal surrounded by premium white chocolate is a versatile addition to any baker’s pantry.
Crunchy Chocolate Pearls
from France by Valrhona
Crunchy biscuit cereal enrobed in luxurious dark chocolate ready to be mixed into batters and doughs or used to decorate.
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Fondant Icing - Extra White
from Italy by Pastry 1
Make your culinary dreams a reality. Mold, fold, layer, color, and create with one of the best fondants on the market.
Raspberry Powder - Freeze Dried
from United States by Amifruit
Intensely flavorful the freeze dried raspberry powder from Amifruit delivers both exceptional flavor and bright color to all your dishes.
Chocolate Batons - 44%
from France by Noel
These small chocolate sticks are produced from the finest French chocolate and are cast into the ideal shape for classic pastry preparations.
Decorating Gold Leaf Sheets - 3 3/8 inch, Edible
from United States by Gold Leaf Company
Add a shiny yet elegant look to your dishes with our 24 karat, edible gold leaf.
Curls, Mini Blossoms - White Chocolate
from United States by Pastry 1
A quick and easy garnish, these white chocolate curls add an elegant flourish to your desserts and cakes.
Snow Sugar - Heat, Humidity and Freezer Proof
by Pastry 1
Dust your desserts hours ahead with snow sugar, the non-melting alternative to traditional powdered sugar.
Crystallized Ginger
from Thailand by Gourmet Imports
Aromatic, sweet, and just a little bit spicy, our crystallized ginger is the flavorful ingredient your baking and cooking needs to include!
Strawberry Slices - Freeze Dried
from United States by Amifruit
Perfect for yogurt parfaits, oatmeal, salads, and more, you’ll love the intense flavor and color they lend to your dishes.
Disposable Clear Pastry Bags - 20 Inch
from United States by kopykake
You can never have too many pastry bags. Great for decorating, plating, and more, keep a few on hand at all times.
Clear Mirror Glaze - Brush and Spray Application
from Canada by Pastry 1
Versatile, practical, and delicious, no baker, professional or novice, should be without a clear mirror glaze.
Clear Mirror Glaze
from Canada by Pastry 1
Finish your desserts with this transparent shiny mirror glaze to give them a polished look.
Crystal Apricot Glaze - Brush and Spray Application
from Canada by Pastry 1
Impart a glassine finish to your baked goods and subtly sweet flavor with this Apricot glaze from Pastry 1.
Noel Hazelnut Praline Paste - 60%
from France by Noel
Endlessly versatile, this Hazelnut praline paste from Noel delivers fantastic flavor in an easy-to-use form.
Dark Chocolate Mirror Glaze
from France by Noel
Give your sweet creations a professional finish with this delicious dark chocolate mirror glaze from Noel chocolate!
Cocoa Nibs in Dark Chocolate
from France by Noel
Experience all the complexities of rich dark chocolate punctuated by the crunch of a cocoa nib within.
Callebaut Dark Chocolate Pencils - 54% Cacao
from Belgium by Callebaut
A delicious touch of sophistication and elegance for your cakes and desserts!
5 out of 5 stars rating (2 reviews)
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Semisweet Dark Chocolate Chips - 4,000 count
from Canada by Barry Callebaut
Perfect for high volume baking, fine dark chocolate chips by Callebaut.
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Dried Coconut Chips
from Thailand by Tang's Market
Tasty chips made using Thai coconut meat and a unique drying method that retains flavor and nutrients without trans fats or preservatives.
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