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Baking Chocolate

There's something so indulgent about rich, intense baking chocolate, that manages to transform any dessert or pastry into a decadent experience. We carry the finest Belgian baking chocolate by Callebaut, one of the rare chocolate makers that still selects, roasts and grinds its own cocoa beans. This yields a more intense, more complex and deeper cocoa flavor that translates into anything you bake. Discover our world of baking chocolate pistoles, blocks, chips and more.
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Chocolate Coffee Beans - 43.5%
from France by Cacao Barry
An excellent filling, topping or garnish for desserts, sweets and pastries, these chocolates are shaped like coffee beans, with added coffee flavor.
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Crunchy Milk Chocolate Pearls - Caramelia
from France by Valrhona
Creamy Valrhona Caramélia  Milk Chocolate with 36% cocoa around crisp toasted puff cereal; an irresistible sweet snack. 
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Do you want to bake your best, most delicious cakes, tarts, pastries, cookies and desserts? Then you need to stock up on our selection of professional grade baking chocolate. We source the richest, most intense baking chocolate in the world, from famous chocolatiers like Callebaut, Valrhona and Cacao Barry. These chocolate powerhouses specialize in the finest cacao beans in the world, sourcing them from exotic locales, with a dedication to their craft that we've seldom seen. The result is a premium chocolate that is used in the best restaurants and bakeries in the world, by the best chefs. Taking flavorful cacao beans from the wildest locales in West Africa, Mexico and beyond, these master chocolate makers bring us a product that easily produces our best desserts yet. If you're looking for ease of use, shop for our pistoles and callets presentations, small drops of couverture chocolate that are so easy to portion and melt quickly and evenly. At Gourmet Food Store we've got a selection of fine cacao powder, full of rich flavor and wonderful color, perfect for baking and for the best hot chocolate of your life. Create desserts full of rich flavor with our exciting variety of varietal chocolates in different cacao contents for different preparation - couverture, tempering, glazing and more. You can easily create mouthwatering chocolate croissants with our baking sticks and batons, perfect for authentic pain au chocolate. From milk to sweet white all the way to the most pure bittersweet chocolate, you'll find the best chocolate for sale online at Gourmet Food Store. We ship our chocolate to you overnight using special packaging designed to maintain temperature, so you get it fresh, never melted.
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