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Your most delicious baked goods are only a click away! We have an amazing selection of baking ingredients to delight all the bakers out there.
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Valrhona Milk Chocolate Pistoles - 35%, Equatoriale Lactee
from France by Valrhona
Sweet and creamy this delightful milk chocolate is specially formulated for dipping and enrobing.
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Blood Orange Puree
from France by Boiron
For cocktails, smoothies and pies, striking and super versatile blood orange puree.
Belgian White Chocolate Baking Block - 25.9% Cacao
from Belgium by Callebaut
A block of creamy and sweet white chocolate with a caramel taste.
Mango Puree
from France by Boiron
The fresh taste and color of mangos, perfectly preserved in this versatile  puree.
Varlhona Dark Chocolate - 55% Cacao - Equatoriale Noire
from France by Valrhona
Dark chocolate couverture with a gloss that looks great and tastes irresistible.
Valrhona Dark Chocolate - 66% Cacao - Caraibe
from France by Valrhona
A delicious bakingchocolate, imbuedwith the tang of dried fruits, almonds and windswept trees.
Cacao Barry Dark Chocolate - 64% Cacao - Extra-Bitter Guayaquil
from France by Cacao Barry
French bittersweet coverture chocolate with notes of coffee and chestnut.
Valrhona Dark Chocolate - 70% Cacao - Guanaja
from France by Valrhona
An extraordinary baking chocolate, blending rare Criollo and prized Trinitario beans.
Guava  Puree
from France by Boiron
Tropical guava smoothies, cocktails, desserts and more, all year long!
La Perruche Brown Sugar Cubes
from France by La Perruche
Rough-cut caramel colored lumps of sugar grown in the tropical paradise of Reunion Island.
Belgian Milk Chocolate Baking Block - 31.7%
from Belgium by Callebaut
A versatile and delicious block of milk chocolate with hints of caramel taste.
Lychee Puree
from France by Boiron
For our favorite: Lychee martini! Sweet and refreshing Lychee puree.
La Perruche White Sugar Cubes
from France by La Perruche
Give your tea time an elegant look with La Perruche's pretty white sugar cubes, from tropical Reunion Island.
Mini Round Sweet Vanilla Tartelettes - Butter, 1.3 Inch
from Philippines by Moda
Handmade, each of our tarts is carefully formed to ensure straight edges and beautifully thin pastry that bakes up crisp, tender, and tasty.
B'lure Flower Extract
from Australia by Wild Hibiscus Flower Company
A vibrant bright blue, color-changing concentrated flower extract from the butterfly pea flower of Thailand.
Blood Peach Puree
from France by Boiron
Colorful and sweet blood peaches, conveniently pureed and frozen for baking, drinks and smoothies.
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Cigarette Sticks - Chocolate White/Dark
from United States by Pastry 1
A striking combination, these white and dark chocolate cigarette sticks offer not only an elegant look but also a singularly delicious taste.
Valrhona White Chocolate - 35% Cacao - Ivory
from France by Valrhona
White chocolate doesn’t come much creamier or more meltingly delicious than this luxury delight from France.
Belgian White Chocolate Baking Callets (Chips)
from Belgium by Callebaut
Easily bake sweet treats with delicious high quality pearls of Belgian white chocolate.
Frozen Filo Dough
by Apollo
Versatile as well as tasty, our premium frozen sheets of filo are the perfect wrapping for a wide variety of fillings. From sweet to savory, these shatteringly crisp layers of filo go well with everything.
Lychee Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
Delicate, fragrant lychee is pureed into an exotic infusion for cocktails, smoothies and desserts
Mango Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
Infuse your ice creams, smoothies, cocktails and salsas with the real tropical flavor of juicy yellow mango.
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Cigarette Sticks - Dark Chocolate, 4 inch
from Belgium by Pastry 1
Combine big chocolate taste and an elegant look with these delicate dark chocolate cigarettes from Pastry 1.
Mandarin Orange Puree
from France by Boiron
The sweet and sunny flavor of frozen mandarin oranges stored in your freezer.
Vanilla Beans - Bourbon Gourmet
from Madagascar by
Sweet, classic vanilla beans from Indonesia.
Powdered Sugar
from United States by C&H
Premium confectioner's sugar, made with pure cane sugar and cornstarch, perfect to make melt-free cakes, cookies and desserts.
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Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste
from United States by Nielsen-Massey
This premium vanilla bean paste is bursting with intense flavor and aroma.
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Wafer Flakes (Pailleté Feuilletine)
by Cacao Noel
Add a crackly crisp texture to desserts and a subtle caramelized flavor with these wafer flakes, classically known as Pailleté Feuilletine.
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