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specialty meat :: uruguay

specialty meat


Uruguay produces, with Villa Antica, an authentic Beef Bresaola. This gourmet meat, air dried and rubbed with spices. Bresaola also has an advantage over Italian Prosciutto, Spanish Serrano and Pata Negra, in that is is mostly lean, with no visible fat. The Italian Conzorzio gives this South American Bresaola its seal of authenticity, due to some Europan meat import restrictions in recent years. The meat comes from Uruguay, but it is processed by Villa Antica Italy, so this is as real as authentic Italian Bresaola, so don't be afraid to enjoy!

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Bundnerflisch - Air Dried Beef

Bundnerflisch - Air Dried Beef

from Uruguay by Bernina
A salt-cured, air dried beef.  view full details

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showing 1 - 1 of 1 products