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Paleta Serrano Ham (shoulder) - Pre-Sliced
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Paleta Serrano Ham (shoulder) - Pre-Sliced Made in Spain, by Fermin

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2 oz pack

About Paleta Serrano Ham (shoulder) - Pre-Sliced

Paleta Serrano Ham (shoulder) - Pre-Sliced

A bit less known than Jamon Serrano ham, Paleta Serrano is actually the exact same thing, but while Jamon comes from the rear end of the animal, the "Paleta" comes from the front legs, typically called the shoulder. It's usually smaller - which accounts for the smaller-sized slices, but it's also considered more flavorful and tender than the jamon Serrano, as it has more grease.

Serrano comes from a special breed of white pigs, prized for the exquisite flavor of their meat. Embutidos Fermin uses select animals, rearing them with a natural diet, and only lightly salting the meat during the curing process, resulting in a moist and rich ham. Perfect to pair with cheese on a meat board, or to make amazing sandwiches.

Ingredients: serrano pork, salt, seasoning (sugar, trisodium citrate, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate)
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