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Garlic Sausage - Saucisson a l Ail
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Garlic Sausage - Saucisson a l Ail Made in USA, by Terroirs d'Antan

item description
0.85-1 lb (avg. weight)
3 x 0.85-1 lb (avg. weight)

About Garlic Sausage - Saucisson a l Ail

Garlic Sausage - Saucisson a l Ail

A traditional French sausage beloved for its spicy and intense flavor, this saucisson is typically enjoyed warm, served in a cassoulet, choucroûte, or over a fresh baguette as a flavorful sandwich. This fully cooked sausage is made from choice cuts of chicken and pork, given a unique twist by the addition of milk and cognac (a version of brandy, warmed) to bring out full flavor. Lastly, a liberal serving of fresh and roasted garlic is added to create this tender yet robust sausage. Shelf life indicated when properly refrigerated between 34° and 36°F. Consume 10 to 14 days after opening.

Ingredients: Pork, water, nonfat dry milk, roasted garlic, sugar, pepper, spices, garlic, ascorbic acid, sodium nitrate, collagen casin.
Storage: refrigerated
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business day. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.

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