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smoked salmon

types of salmon

Atlantic Smoked Salmon

Atlantic smoked salmon is a very broad category that can include many different types of smoked salmon which is found throughout Northern Europe, and on the Eastern Seaboard of North America. Buyer Beware! Because Norway originally pioneered Atlantic salmon farming, smoked salmon from all over the world is labeled –incorrectly- Norwegian smoked salmon.

Pacific Smoked Salmon

A category used to describe different species of salmon usually found in the Pacific Ocean, most commonly from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, and Canada. The most popular Pacific salmon found smoked in stores are:
  • King Salmon/ Chinook, also called the spring or king salmon, with ivory white to deep red flesh. Also called Canadian King Salmon.
  • Chum: also known as dog salmon – for its canine-resembling teeth-, also known as Keta (an Asian aboriginal name). Their flesh ranges from pale to medium red in color. These are the least common of the Pacific species of salmon.
  • Coho (Silver): Coho, or silver salmon, is known for its red color flesh.
  • Sockeye (red): Sockeye, also known as red salmon (and also sometimes labeled Nova, after the style used in its smoking process), has a bright and deep red-orange, firm flesh.
  • Pink (lumpback): Known as humpback or humpie, is the smallest and most common of the North American Pacific salmon. It has a light-colored flesh, and a delicate taste, with a low fat content.

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