Summer’s Little Helpers: Take A Bite Into Dufour Pastry Kitchens Gourmet Frozen Appetizers


The summer heat can keep even the most dedicated of bakers as far, far away from a hot, stuffy kitchen as possible. Who wants to be laboring by the oven when the sun shines and the day beckons us to join in all sorts of outdoor activities, like beach days, lounging by the pool, or hanging out with friends on the patio?

With that in mind, today we’re featuring one of our little (bite-size would be more accurate) gourmet summer secrets! For easy, lazy summer entertaining: Dufour Pastry Kitchens Frozen Appetizers.

Dufour has been producing superb pastry products since 1984. All of their products are lovingly made by hand, and based on their famous all-butter pastry, which has earned a sterling reputation amongst top chefs and caterers, including Wyle Dufresne and Serena Bass, and which blows any dough made with vegetable oil out of the water. Crisp, airy, wonderfully buttery, you would never know it was ever in the freezer.

These flavorful and sophisticated frozen appetizers, full of flavor and style, are ready after just 15 minutes in the oven. The ideal bite for backyard bashes!

Here’s a selection our favorite, “summer-ready” appetizers from Dufour Pastry Kitchens.

Summer by the Sea: Lobster In Coconut Sauce Mini Tartlets

Nothing says “summer” like lobster! If you want to enjoy just a taste of this sea delicacy, without the time and money investment, these tartlets are just the thing. Generous chunks of fresh Maine lobster are cooked in a rich wine reduction, then paired with spicy Jalapeno pepper, buttery Serrano ham, and finished off with toasted coconut for tropical flavor.

Lobster In Coconut Sauce Mini Tartlets

Mediterranean Escape: Spanakopita Frozen Appetizers

These traditional Middle Eastern pastry triangles are plump with a winning combination of ricotta and Feta cheeses, spinach and fresh parsley and dill, all contained in Dufour’s signature flaky butter crust. Flavorful without being overly heavy, perfect with a nice cold glass of white wine

 Spanakopita Frozen Appetizers.

Vacation Blend: Crispy Pomegranate Cigar with Roasted Red Peppers

Delicious ruby pomegranate mixed with earthy toasted walnuts, intense Kalamata olives and just the right amount of mint, all rolled in crispy feuille dough into fanciful cigar shapes. Great on its own, or paired with a savory dip, the fun shape also brings an extra layer of dimension to your table.

Crispy Pomegranate Cigar appetizer

Picnic Favorite: Warm Potato Salad in Hickory Smoked Tart Shell

With this sophisticated twist on the classic picnic side-dish, Dufour has elevated the dowdy potato salad to great new heights. Tiny, perfect squares of rustic potatoes mixed with a superb super-secret gourmet mayonnaise recipe, all in an amazing, bite-size buttery tart shell with a hint of hickory smoke.

Potato Salad in Hickory Smoked Tart Shell

And this is just a small sample of our favorites, check out Dufour’s full selection of gourmet frozen appetizers here!