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foie gras

storing foie gras

Storing and Handling Foie Gras

  • Temperature control is essential with whole lobes, as the flavor and texture of foie gras is extremely sensitive to temperature changes.
  • Always keep in original vacuum-sealed containers and plastic wrapping until use.
  • Try to use within a week of receiving your product for best taste.
  • Fresh foie gras has a refrigerator life of 3 weeks, unopened (two days after opening).
  • Frozen Foie Gras can keep for up to one year, but the flavor will not be as good when thawed.
  • Fully cooked prepared products like mousses, blocs, and pates can last in the shelf for a few years (check labels).
  • Micuit, or partially cooked foie gras products should be refrigerated.
  • Refrigerate all foie gras products after opening.