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foie gras recipes

foie gras recipes

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Grilled or Seared Duck Foie Gras

by Jean-Paul Chevré, Conseillé Culinaire
compliments of Rougie France

Serves: 5



Caramelize the honey, stir in balsamic vinegar, reduce. Add Port wine, reduce. Add the vealstock, and reduce to obtain a syrupy sauce.

Season with salt and pepper and then sear or grill theseasoned and thawed slices of foiegras. Keep warm on paper towels.

Brown slices of French bread in the same frying pan used to sear the foie gras or on the grill. Put 15g of onion confit on each toast.

Place a slice of foie gras on each toast, set on a warm plate, and baste with the sauce reduction. Serve immediately, alone, or with a mixed green salad seasoned with balsamic vinegar.

Print out this gourmet recipe.

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