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cheese nutrition

Nutritional Information of Cheese

The great news is that cheese not only tastes good, it is also an integral part of the healthy diet. Moreover, recent studies have proved that calcium, present in milk, and highly concentrated in cheese, can even help you lose weight compared with just cutting calories alone. For people on low-carb diets, such as South Beach Diet and Atkins®, cheese is highly recommended as it is very low in carbohydrates.

Cheese also contains a great amount of important nutrients needed for good health, such as quality fats, proteins, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins (especially A, beta carotene, and B). It is an important — and delicious — element of a complete and balanced diet.

Refer to the charts below to figure out the caloric and fat content of the most popular cheeses out there, as well as by type of cheese.

By Popular Cheese

Cheese Per 28g/1oz Calories Fat (grams)
Bel paese 95 7.5
Brie 90 7.0
Brie blue 126 12.2
Cambozola 122 11.9
Camenbert 85 6.8
Chaumes 86 7.1
Cheddar 116 9.8
Chèvre 88 7.1
Cottage cheese 27 1.2
Edam 95 7.3
Emmental 107 8.2
Feta (cows milk) 75 6.0
Feta (sheeps milk) 84 7.1
Fontina 110 8.4
Fromage frais (0% fat) 14 0.2
Gorgonzola 109 9.6
Gouda 106 8.8
Havarti 117 10.4
Jarlsberg 100 9.0
Mascarpone 106 13.2
Morbier 93 8.0
Mozzarella 88 6.5
Parmesan 108 7.3
Pecorino 129 9.9
Port Salut 91 7.4
Processed 94 7.7
Provolone 100 7.7
Ricotta 53 4.2
Roquefort 102 8.9
Stilton blue 116 10.0

By Type of Cheese

Type Example Carbs Calories Fat Calcium Protein
Fromage Frais Fresh Cheese   44-160 0.3oz 75-170mg 0.3oz
Soft Cheese Camembert 3.1gr 260-350 0.8oz 150-380mg 0.7oz
Uncooked, pressed Tomme   326-384 1oz 657-865mg 0.8oz
Cooked, pressed Comte 0.1gr 390-400 1oz 900-1100mg 1oz
Blue mold Roquefort   414 0.4oz 722-870 0.7oz
Cottage cheese   2.2gr 98 14.5g 74mg 3.4oz
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