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Keta Roe/ Keta Red Caviar

Keta caviar comes from the roe of the Keta Salmon, which produces eggs that are slightly larger than the sturgeon. The roe’s color is very bright, ranging from red to pale orange. First originated in Russia in the early 1800s.

Masago/Massago Caviar/Capelin/Smelt Roe

Roe from the smelt fish. Used popularly in sushi and sashimi dishes in Japanese cuisine. The berries are mild in flavor, and the smelt produces small, fluorescent eggs.

Tobico/Tobiko/Tobbiko/Tibiuonoko Caviar/Flying Fish Roe  

A trendy newcomer to the caviar circle, Tobikko is a favorite amongst Sushi chefs. Tobico caviar comes from the flying fish of Iceland and is oh-so-colorful, ranging from black to bright red. Flavors vary, since it can spiced and flavored.

Tobico Capelin Caviar  

A variety of Tobico caviar, also with a wide range of colors and flavors. One to try: Wasabi Tobico caviar, super-spicy.

Avruga Caviar  

A very rare exception in the caviar market, Avruga caviar comes from Spain. The roe of the herring. Smoky flavor. Pearly black color. Unpasteurized. Some find it to comparable to pricier sturgeon caviars.

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