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preparing caviar

Malossol Caviar

The best sturgeon caviar is categorized “Malossol” or “caviar Malossol”, literally “little salt” in Russian, meaning that the eggs are preserved or brined using as little salt as possible. See also Malossol.

Pressed Caviar

The ripest eggs- usually the damaged or broken ones- are compressed, placed brined in a hot solution high in salt, and shaken. It is much saltier than regular gourmet caviar, and it processed differently as well (typically wrapped in cheesecloth and pressed to get rid of the solution). It’s completely different from fresh caviar, much oilier and much more pungent, with the consistency of a spread. Also called payusnaya or pajusnaya.

Pasteurized Caviar  

Pasteurization semi-cooks the caviar, so it preserves better, therefore it has a longer shelf life. The only real different in taste is that it is slightly saltier, although the quality (and price) remains the same-high.

Kosher Caviar

Many specialized gourmet food stores now offer caviar that is certified kosher.

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